Questions? Search here first!

1Does Palmyra Fire have a fire/social hall available for rent?
We do not have any available space to rent. Campbelltown Fire Company has a beautiful Social Hall and you can contact them at (717)-838-3707.
2Does Palmyra Fire fill or drain pools?
We do not offer these services. Please check with other area departments that may offer such.
3Can Palmyra Fire recharge or dispose of fire extinguishers?
We do NOT have the capabilities to re-charge nor do we reuse fire extinguishers. All of our extinguisher needs are handled by Hackman Fire Equipment: (717)-273-4821 or
4Does Palmyra Fire install smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors?
We cannot provide the detectors, however, we will gladly install them. Call (717)-838-1421 and leave a voicemail for the officers or fill out the "Contact" form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.
5What do I do with old oil, gasoline, or other fuels?
Local automotive stores can accept motor oil, and any other fuels, paints, lacquers, or thinners and more you can take to the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority. See their website and associated information here: